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Did anyone have one of these???????


Ok, after Cathiis owning up to playing with a Shadow 1 and 2 from UFO series, I'm curious to asking everyone of you what Mum+Daddie bought you during your kiddie days????

Here's my list=Gonk droid,princess leah doll(might I add from a supermarket checkout point??),playdoe fuzzy pump with barber settings,ernie puppet from seasame street(which was actually hard to move the mouth on it and hurt like hell being clonked on the head by big sister with it), barbie 3 story mansion with elevator,spirograph,fashion plates with 80's fashion and swapable outfits to printout and colour in:P, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now it's your turn and I will think of more later mmmmwwwhhhhaaaa hahahaha hahahaah


Life is great and I'm all set for packing the rest of my belongings over the next couple of weeks. Moving to the hills where you can here the birds sing and frogs croak, ahhhhhhh and the trees,trees,trees, it's soooo damn peaceful up near John Forrest National park:P(the fresh air makes you zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sleepy:)zzzzzzzzzzz THUNK!!!!!. This weekend I will hopefully find a new batmobile, one with alot of new batgadgets and features:P hmmmmmmmmmmm, pref=hatchback/wagon for artwork and opp shop scavenging purposes,a car with colour and not some crappy neutral colour scheme:/that blends in with the road like comaflage BLAAAAHH! Cars I do not want!!! :(= Daewoo's blah!,cheapy lawnmower engines with bugger all guts and could crumple if you sat on the bonnet for 5 mins(sorry to anyone who owns one:/). I would like :)= Toyota, Mirage, Hyundai, Honda Civic, Mazda or Subaru(hehehe maybe I will wait a few more years for the subaru deal;{ ,a JEEP perhaps heeheheheheh............. nooooo!. GO GO gadget mobile:P!!!!

Well it's the last week staying 5 mins away from the beachside:/ although I have'nt seen the beach a hell of alot due to friggin rain/hail storms. I am going to miss looking after the bunny rabbit cornelias+bungy the magpie:(, cornie has gotten so use to me feeding him lots of extra treats. I'm also gonna miss that faint odd kinda "sqeaking"/"mumbling" sound he makes whilst eating his crystalized ginger and sage:/,perhaps he was trying to tell me something@@@##**!!??. The sound of thunder feet chasing you around the mansion and feeding him the daneline flowers outside, such a simple happy life for bunny it is :).

Oh well it's time to pack up and ramble on off to the hills I say, yippee yiii yipppy yii yahhh!HMMMMM I feel like a coconut white chocolate............... drools!!!Wow, I've written more than 3 sentences on here hehehe!! ,another 6 months later I may write a sequal about the moving:P..........Any way my golden star show for the month is "Good guys bad guys"!!!One of my personal favs from 1996 to 1998(stars Marcas
Graham, Alison Whyte and Travis McMahon (K for Kleen laundry mat business, ex cop adventures:P ). I've also bought a box set of UFO series from 1969 ,if only things had have been that way in the 1980's heheheh he and the purple haired moon girls???what the hell??? oh and check out the submarine ufo crew, they have to where fish net tops as part of the corp uniform:/ and why is there only one female working with the sub guys??????have a sneak peak:P


Hot Fuzz is awesome!My belly just about exploded from continuous laughter last night watching it.:P Went to Adelaide for 5 days and took lots of photo's of the sights and old buildings/parks:) Adelaide is a beautiful well planned city(thankyou MR Sir Light, perhaps a few of your park designs around Perth would have been lovely too:/). Tori in Adelaide was awesome,Tori in Perth both nights ahhhhhhhh, was amazing too!:)Such an inspiring talent to us all:) Lets hope more creative talents keep on coming here:)
This week have been flat out at work with new people and driving my supervisor and girlfriend to work. It's nice having a supervisor you can have a laugh and be civil without all the management toss:). Found my fav painting at the op shop wooooohaaaaa! its a huge copy too and sitting nicely on the window ledge. Ahhhhh, das beautiful lady of the lake, brings up much emotion from within me. Currently reading an enlightening book of the angels by Gustav Davidson, not sure which angel relates to myself. Although there are many to choose from:).

The art of resting the mind and the power of dismissing from it all care and worry is probably one of the secrets of energy in our great men. Capt J.A.Hadfield.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein.

Each time you accept a thought that is greater than what you have accepted as your standard, that thought activates yet another part of your brain into purposeful use. Each time you do that, the greater thought will offer itself as a carrier to expand your reasoning from that point. That will activate other portions of your brain for more thought, for more receiving, for more knowing. You know, it is very simple to be a genius. All you have to do is think for yourself. Ramtha.

Wings of desire scene:)


The Advanced Soul

As long as you have a cloistered mind and live and think according to social consciousness, you will never venture into the unknown or contemplate the possibility of greater realities for fear that it will mean change. And certainly it will, because there will be more to see, to understand, and to be a part of, than there was before in a tidy world that lives and dies. As long as you accept only those limited thoughts that have been bred into you, you will never activate greater portions of your brain to receive and experience any thought other than what you have faced every day of your existence. (Ramtha)

So many people go through life without a direction. They just go from stop to stop. It's like they're on a bus and the only time they get off is to piss. (Todd Rundgren)

The winners edge in self-dimension is to have a worthy destination and look beyond yourself for meaning in life. The greatest example of self-dimension a winner can display is the quality of earning the love and respect of other human beings. Winners create other winners without exloiting them. They know that true immortality for the human race is when a caring, sharing person helps even one other individual. (Denis Waitley)

Don't cling to the things of the past, rejecting new concepts and new challenges. This negative mental attitude blocks the creative processes from true expression causing mental inertia, which is to live in a vacuum, to mentally wither and die on the vine. (Brian Adams)

Enjoy your day everyone:)